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Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

What is an RSS used for?

The Biomnis website provides you with a tool for free and real-time access to the latest online updates: the RSS feed.

RSS feeds are short news reports consisting of the titles and abstracts of articles. They flash up on your computer screen as they are uploaded, without you needing to be connected to the Biomnis website. Your computer must be equipped with an RSS reader or an appropriate browser (point 4). Simply clicking on the title or summary in which you are interested brings up the entire article.

Why is Biomnis offering an RSS feed?

The Biomnis website aims to keep you up-to-date with medical pathology and its specialities, as well as laboratory news.

The RSS feed is a simple way of staying in contact with Biomnis and receiving information on the latest events and scientific news without having to be permanently logged on to the website.

How does RSS work?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a simplified XML flow that enables an Internet user to automatically receive the latest information from any website offering the service to which he ‘subscribes’. 

As mentioned above, an RSS feed will provide pop up abstracts with the article’s title and date of publication. To read the entire article, click on the link to access the entire published content.

How to use the Biomnis RSS feed?

If you have a browser such as Firefox, which automatically reads RSS feeds

You do not need to download a specific reader. If you go on to the Biomnis website using Firefox, you will see an orange logo in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser, indicating that an RSS feed is available (the Biomnis feed). Click on the logo and you will automatically add the feed to your browsers ‘Bookmarks’ (Firefox’s live bookmarks).

If your browser does not automatically read RSS feeds or you wish to use a specific reader that enables you to download and organise different feeds, you need to select a reader.

To do this, download a free reader that already offers RSS news feeds. Once you have installed your RSS reader you can add the Biomnis feed.

Software for download

RSS reader software (selection):
  RssReader (.exe file 1,45 Mb.)
  AlertInfo for Windows (.exe file 1,22 Mb.)
  NetNewsWire for Mac (.zip file 6,57 Mb.)

Browsers with integrated capability to add RSS feeds:
  Firefox for Windows (.exe file 4,93 Mb)
  Firefox for Mac (.dmg file 16 Mb)
  Safari for Mac

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