Medical Scope

This traditional medical discipline is based on the microscopic examination of diseased cells and tissues, and plays a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, notably cancers. 

Activities & Techniques

Biomnis is particularly skilled and recognised nationwide for its expertise in liver disease, gynaecological pathology and urology. Gastroenterology and dermatology are two areas currently in full expansion. 
In gynaecology, Biomnis has been using liquid based cytology since 1998 evaluating thin-layer cervico-vaginal smears, thus acquiring extensive experience in the use molecular biology techniques to detect oncogenic HPV using liquid based monolayer cytology.

Reliable results are guaranteed by a whole series of quality assurance procedures, both externally (participation in the national AFAQAP system as well as regular communication and comparison with our hospital-based colleagues) and internally (regular review processes and ongoing evaluated training programmes).

Research & Development

Biomnis is involved in a series of clinical research programmes, notably focusing on hepatic fibrosis, viral hepatitis, gynaecology and urology. It also collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry on clinical trials and in the development of novel medicinal compounds (antiviral drugs, antifibrotic drugs, vaccines and hormonal therapies).